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Sometimes braces or aligners alone are not enough to reach our treatment goals. This is when a special orthodontic appliance may be needed. Some of these devices are intended to aid in aligning or expanding the jaws to improve bite, while others move or maintain teeth in certain positions. A properly aligned jaw and straightened teeth is integral to improving jaw and tooth function while creating a more aesthetic appearance. Learn more about some of the most popular ones below.


After treatment is completed with either clear aligners or traditional brackets, a retainer is worn to maintain the position of the teeth. These retainers are either removable, like an Essix or Hawley retainer, or fixed, like a lingual retainer.

Palatal Expander

A device used to expand the maxillary (upper) arch. It can be used to correct bite issues and create space for teeth to erupt.

Orthodontic Elastics

These special rubber bands add additional pressure to help properly align the jaws and move teeth to their desired positions.


Separators are small rubber bands placed in between teeth to create space for bands. They are usually placed about a week before the start of orthodontic treatment.

Space Maintainer

An orthodontic appliance that prevents teeth from drifting. These appliances are usually placed while waiting for adult teeth to erupt. This may necessary when a baby tooth is prematurely lost or extracted.

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