Ceramic Braces

An aesthetic alternative to traditional metal braces.

Ceramic, or clear, braces are similar to traditional metal braces. They apply pressure to gently coax the teeth into the desired position. The difference is the brackets are clear or tooth-colored. This gives ceramic braces a more discreet appearance in the mouth. These less noticeable brackets are made of either a tooth-colored, or sometimes clear, material such as ceramic, porcelain or plastic. Clear/coated wires are also available to give an even more subtle look.

Common Questions

Am I a candidate for ceramic braces?

Ceramic braces may not be for everyone. These lighter colored brackets work best with lighter colored teeth. If your teeth are naturally darker, they may not blend in as well. While ceramic brackets may be durable, they are still not as strong as metal brackets. So if you play sports or frequently participate in activities that may involve contact with the mouth and jaw, you may want to consider metal brackets over ceramic ones.

Are ceramic braces the same as clear braces?

Yes, they are interchangeable terms. Some patients may refer to aligner treatments as clear braces, but aligners are not braces in the traditional sense.

Can ceramic braces stain?

Clear or ceramic braces are made to resist stains. However, the o-rings, or ligatures, that hold the wire in the bracket, can discolor more easily, especially if they are not properly cared for. These little elastics are usually changed out with every visit, so your smile can stay bright. 

How can I keep my ceramic braces clean?

Properly caring for your ceramic braces will not only keep them clean and free from discoloration, it will also help prevent cavities and gum disease. The following steps will help you care for your teeth and braces:

  • Brush and floss your teeth immediately after every meal
  • Rinse with water more often
  • Avoid using tooth-whitening toothpaste because your natural teeth under the brackets will not be whitened, so when the brackets are removed, you may see where they were placed
  • Avoid smoking and tobacco products
  • Limit foods and drinks that stain
  • Use a straw for pigmented drinks
What foods/drinks can discolor my ceramic braces?

The following foods and drinks can lead to discoloration of your ceramic braces:

  • Coffee and tea
  • Candies with food coloring added
  • Sugary drinks with bright or dark colors
  • Spices like saffron, cumin, curries, and turmeric
  • Tomatoes, oranges, pomegranates, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and other highly pigmented produce can lead to discoloration if you eat them in large quantities.

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