Metal Braces

Traditional, tried and true method of achieving the smile you’ve always wanted.

Although clear aligners may be the more modern and trendy method of straightening teeth, treatment with traditional metal braces is still widely used. Sometimes it is preferable to correct more complicated alignment issues. With new technology and advancements in the field of orthodontia, metal braces are now less noticeable than ever. The metal brackets are smaller, less bulky and more comfortable. It continues to be a reliable and versatile treatment option for a wide range of orthodontic problems.

Common Questions

What can I expect when getting metal braces and how does it work?

Metal brackets are adhered directly to the teeth and a wire is placed through the brackets. The wire is held in place by a small rubber band on each bracket. These rubber bands are called o-rings or ligatures. The wire and brackets apply pressure to the teeth to move them into the desired position. The wire must be periodically tightened in order to continue applying gentle pressure to move the teeth.

How long will treatment with metal braces take?

On average, treatments take about 22 months for adults. However, depending on your specific case and your goals, treatment time could be as little as a few months. Our board-certified orthodontist will go over the estimated treatment time for your case at your consultation.

What are elastics and why would I need them?

In some cases, elastics are used to add additional force. These elastics are attached to upper and lower brackets that have special hooks to keep them in place. Depending on what the patient needs, there are different configurations in placing the elastics. Our NYC board-certified orthodontist will determine if elastics are necessary for your treatment. If needed, the patient is then responsible for placing them and removing them at home as directed.

Why should I choose metal brackets over clear aligners?

The following are some benefits of traditional metal braces when compared to clear aligners:

  • Once in the mouth, they can only be removed by the orthodontist, so compliance isn’t an issue. This is why traditional brackets work especially well with children.
  • Since compliance is not an issue, treatment time is usually more accurate, and sometimes faster.
  • Less hassle when eating or drinking since they do not need to be removed.
  • No need to worry about losing them.
  • No need to worry about contamination when you remove them or put them back in your mouth.
  • For some complicated cases, metal braces may be preferable.

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